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Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012, 08:45 - 16:40





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We are delighted to announce the CFG Investment Conference 2012. You told us that what you seek from us is an independent practitioner led conference with opportunities to hear directly from your peers.  This sector wide look at the full range of investment issues, whether you have a lot or a little to invest, sets the CFG Investment Conference apart.

This year's Conference is a full day event and offers delegates a choice of two streams, so you have a much wider choice of sessions to select from, as well as our excellent plenary sessions.

The day opens with a plenary from Erik Britton, Director of Fathom Financial Consulting, with a look at the Eurozone crisis and how this will impact on asset markets globally.

During the day we have a packed programme bringing together a mix of corporate and voluntary sector speakers with sessions on Ethical Investment, Asset Allocation, Social Investment, Risk Appetite, Selecting and Appointing a Fund Manager, and much more!

Professor Robert Shiller of Yale will bring the day to a close with a plenary on financial capitalism and how it may not produce a perfect world but is a powerful force when fulfilling important human goals.

The Conference gives you access to a variety of professional firms in the exhibition area, providing a wealth of experience for you to draw on, and discuss current issues and organisational needs. The structure of the programme also ensures there is ample time for networking with your fellow professionals both during the day, and at the drinks reception at the close of Conference. The conference can also support your personal development plan with up to five hours of CPD.

The Reception

All delegates are invited to join CFG at the drinks reception at the close of the day. The reception provides an excellent opportunity to meet with our speakers, and to extend the networking part of the day.

The Exhibition

There will be an exhibition alongside the conference programme. Exhibitors working in a range of service areas will be available for delegates to meet, ask questions and share information.

The informal setting is an excellent opportunity to find products and service suppliers who can assist in tackling your charities' problems and who can help to make the management of your charity more efficient.

The following companies are exhibiting at this year's Investment Conference:


Charities Aid Foundation                




Collins Stewart Wealth Management

Ecclesiastical Investment Management




Royal London Asset Management   

Sarasin & Partners LLP                  



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This year's programme:

8.45-9.30    Registration/exhibition open

9.30-9.45    Chair's welcome

Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive, CFG


9.45-10.15    Opening plenary: The Eurozone Endgame - impacts on the real economy and assets markets

The outloof for global growth hinges on how the banking crisis in the Eurozone plays out. Other factors include: the strength of the global cyclical recovery; the structural headwinds to growth in the form of high domestic and cross-border debt; the volatility in global commodity prices. For now, the Eurozone banking crisis trumps them all. Erik will navigate these troubled waters and show how the macroeconomic prospects and risks can have a prfound influence on the performance of asset markets globally and explore how the key risks would play out both for the economy and for asset markets.

Erik Britton, Director, Fathom Financial Consulting


10.20-11.00    Session 1A: Wither equities after a lost 10 years?

Why equities have been so poor over the last decade and why this situation might be coming to an end. The talk will explore tactics and forward-looking catalysts in terms of where the best equity returns might be found over the next 12 months.

Guy Monson, CIO and Managing Partner, Sarasin & Partners LLP


10.20-11.00    Session 1B: Behavioural Biases

As an investor,  you are exposed to two potential pitfalls. Adopting an ultra cautious approach that deprives you of acceptable returns or exposing yourself to unacceptable losses by taking unnecessary risks. In this presentation, James addresses how you find the optimum middle ground for your organisation.

James Hoare, Head of Investment Risk, C.Hoare & Co


11.00-11.30    Morning break


11.30-12.10    Session 2A: Appointing a fund manager

The selection of managers is a mixture of art and science , or is it just good luck? In this session Ricahrd will try to separate fact from fiction in offering a personalised view of what he finds unattractive in an investment firm, poviding delegates with tips usefulin appointing their own managers.

Richard Robinson, Investment Director, Paul Hamlyn Foundation


11.30-12.10   Session 2B: Ethical Investment

Edward will describe how the national investing bodies of the Church of England manage their investment portfolios ehtically, discussing how aligning investment practice and the broader interests of society is neither all about investment exclusions nor incompatible with strong investment returns.

Edward Mason , Secretary to the Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group


12.15-12.55    Session 3A: Asset allocation

Deciding the right balance of assets and an allocation that reflects your charity's financial objectives and risk appetite is probably the single most important factor in determining investment success. This session will explore how to shape your portfolio drawing on practical experience.

Danny Truell, Chief Investment Office, Wellcome Trust


12.15-12.55    Session 3B: Could social investment help your charity achieve its objectives?

Charities are increasingly looking to social investment to plug the gap in their finances, and some at opportunities to be social investors themselves.This session will explore the range of options available and what your charity needs to consider in order to be investible or be an effective social investor.

John Kingston , Project Director - Investor Advisory, Social Finance


12.55-14.00    Lunch & time to explore the exhibition


14.00-14.40    Session 4A: Absolute return

Miles will draw on his experience of managing multi asset absolute return strategies since 1998 to discuss the challenges of absolute return investing at a time when mercantilistic currency policies, uncontrolled growth in debt and massive official buying have reduced the attractions of traditional safe haven assets.

Miles Geldard, Fund Manager, Jupiter Asset Management


14.00-14.40    Session 4B: Risk appetite

In these turbulent times charities are having to revisit operational strategy, funding, reserves policies and risk management, Pesh will discuss how these issues link into risk appetite and the charities investment policy. Phil will focus on the importance of good governance in order to help manage 'risk' from a compliance perspective discussing the challenges of assessing and understanding risk from an investment perspective.

Pesh Framjee, Partner, Head of Non Profits, Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP & Phil Smithyes, Managing Director at Crowe Clark Whitehill Financial Planning Ltd


14.45-15.25    Session 5A: Whose money is it anyhow?

The understandable tendency to be conservative and cautious needs challenging as we try to understand what our benefeciaries need and expect. We are charitable in what we spend, not what we save, but who makes decisions and why?

James Brooke-Turner , Finance Director, Nuffield Foundation


14.45-15.25    Session 5B: Safeguarding your cash in troubled times

In times of exceptional uncertainty in financial markets it is important to be clear of your priorities for your cash assets. This session will examine the ongoing challenge of cash management for the sector from both the fund manager's and the organisation's perspective.

Tina Winders , Director of Finance and Coporate Services, Locality & Mark Davies, CCLA


15.25-15.55    Afternoon break


15.55-16.25    Closing plenary: Finance and the good society

Financial capitalism is spreading over the whole world, bringing great economic growth but at the same time raising concerns, some expressed in terms of the damage done by the financial crises, others in terms of rising inequality. Prof. Shiller argues that while financial capitalism does not produce a perfect world, it is a powerful force for the fulfillment of important human goals.

Robert J. Shiller, Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economics, Yale University


16.25-16.40    Closing remarks

16.40-18.00    Networking reception

Venue Details


Inmarsat, 99 City Road, LONDON, EC1Y 1AX

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