How we are governed

CFG has a board of ten Trustees.

Seven out of the ten need to be CFG members, allowing the Board to appoint a further three non CFG member Trustees. This ensures a diversity of skills - such as marketing, lobbying, communications and media - which are essential to the delivery of CFG’s current strategic plan.

Trustees serve for a term of three years, and may be appointed to serve for one further term. Appointment of the seven ‘member’ Trustees is by election at the Autumn members’ meeting. The three ‘non-member’ Trustees are selected through a process of advertising and interviews by the Trustees. The Chair and officers are appointed by the Trustees from among their number.

The Board convenes four times each year and holds an additional strategic planning day.  

On appointment, each Trustee signs a code of conduct and completes a register of interests. The latter is renewed annually.

Trustees are given a handbook that includes the Memorandum and Articles of Association, policies and procedures on issues such as delegation of authority, recruitment, equal opportunities, and conflict of interest and other guidance. The handbook contains job descriptions for Trustees, officers and staff.

New Trustees meet with the Chair and Chief Executive and undertake an induction process. According to their skills and aptitude, they take responsibility for at least one activity area by appointment to a support group or committee.

The Trustees have delegated management of CFG to the Chief Executive who reports on performance against the Strategic and Operational Plans approved by the Trustees. Management Accounts are received quarterly by the Board and monthly by the Finance Committee.

CFG's Supporting Committees
Our supporting committees include at least one Trustee. Each committee has its own Terms of Reference and any reports are presented at the full Board meetings. Other support groups are set up as needed to assist and inform the staff team.

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