Counter Fraud Pledge - Tackling Fraud Together

CFG is calling for all charities to pledge to tackle fraud.

Fraud is estimated to cost the charity sector £1.9bn every single year. This is money which is being syphoned off from charities and the beneficiaries we serve.

Charities are awake to this threat and many are leading the way with robust counter fraud policies.

But we know that others are still grappling with this constantly-evolving criminal threat.

This is why we have created the Counter Fraud Pledge which both acknowledges the work that charities are doing to combat fraud and guides them through the steps to prevent fraud in their charities.

Join the movement and together we can tackle fraud.

Taking the pledge couldn’t be easier, simply follow these two steps:

Step 1: Read the Counter Fraud Pledge
Step 2: Take the Counter Fraud Pledge

Everything you need should be on this page, but if you want to get in touch you can email Heather at

Why take the Counter Fraud Pledge?

Once your charity has taken the Counter Fraud Pledge, we’ll email you a badge which you can use on your website, newsletters and printed materials.

The badge is a statement that you are actively managing the risk of fraud and taking the necessary steps to safeguard your charity’s assets. By displaying the badge, you will be helping to build trust among your donors, beneficiaries and supporters.

Also by signing the Pledge you are able to access the toolkit and resources available to ensure you are in the best possible place to proactively tackle fraud.

Counter Fraud Pledge Toolkit

CFG has created a toolkit packed with useful resources to help you to fulfil your pledge and shout about the work you are doing to protect your charity from Fraud.

You will be sent the toolkit once you have signed up to the Counter Fraud Pledge. In the meantime check out CFG’s counter fraud guides.

We also recommend that you look at the Charities against Fraud website, and in particular, their templates for charity trustees.

Take the pledge


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